Promoting T, I & E for nation-building, firm-growth and startup success
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Part I: My World, My Nation
Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Trilogy)
Part II: My Firm
Part III: My Startup
Rapid Prototyping: Laser Based and Other Technologies (with Weiyin Ma)
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Patri K.Venuvinod
Competition, Competitive Advantage, Competitive Forces, Creativity Creativity, Education, Development Economics, Diffusion of Innovation, Business Cycles, Economic Depression, Great Depression, Economic Growth, Inequality, Redistribution, Entrepreneurship, Financing innovation, Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Agile Product Development, Product Life Cycle, Quality Management,  Quality Circles, Industrial Revolution, industry Dynamics, innovation, innovation portfolio Management, History of Technology, Ancient India, China, Greeks, Romans, Islamic, Solow Model, Project Management, intrapreneurship, Lean Start-up, National Culture, Organizational Theory, Organizational Culture, Risk Management, Philosophy of Technology, Product Development, R&D, t Management, Research and Development, Strategic Management, Technology forecasting, Rapid Prototyping.

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