College of Engineering, Osmania University, Mechanical Engineering, 1959-63
IIT, Bombay, M. Tech Design and Production Engineering,1963-65
UMIST, Manchester,UK, PhD Machine Tools, 1969-71
Regional Engineering College, Warangal, Mechanical Engineering, Lecturer/Assistant Professor,  1965-78
Hong Kong Polytechnic, Production and Industrial Engineering, Senior/Principal Lecturer, 1978-87
City University of Hong Kong, Manufaturing Engineering and Engineering Management, Founding Head of Department and Chair Professor, 1978-2002
Frequent professional visits to mainland China, 1979-2002
Semi-retirement writing engineering an management books. Promoting and

Promoting T, I & E for nation-building, firm-growth and startup success
Patri K. Venuvinod is an academic with extensive and varied iinternational experience. Educated at Osmania University, Hyderabad, and IIT, Mumbai, Venuvinod has a PhD from University of Manchester, UK. He has been elected as a Fellow if CIRP, Institution of Electrical Engineers(UK), and Hong Kong Institution of Engineers; and a Senior Member of Institute of Industrial Engineers, USA. 

Venuvinod's career included long stints at Regional Engineering College, Warangal, India, Hong Kong Polytechnic, and City University of Hong Kong. At the last institute, he was the founding Head of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management. He also became the university’s Chair professor of Manufacturing Engineering. During his 25-year stay in Hong Kong he frequently visited mainland China to collaborate on several projects. 

​In 2001, Venuvinod initiated the International Organization for Developing Universities (IODevUni) which engaged over 20 engineering colleges in and around Hyderabad, India, in activities promoting collaborative the growth of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIE). This website is a legacy of that effort.

Venuvinod retired from active service in 2002 but not from academic involvement (research student supervision) . Although living in the suburbs of Chicago, US, he continues to be associated with City University of Hong Kong as an Emeritus Professor. 

Since retirement, he has been busy writing books. In 2004, he published (Kluwer) a book titled Rapid Prototyping: Laser-based and Other Technologies with Weiyin Ma of City University of Hong Kong as his coauthor. In 2011, He self-published a trilogy titled Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Part I: My WorldPart II: My FirmPart III: My Startup). The trilogy is available in eBook, paperback and hardcover formats. 

Venuvinod' main hobby is playing Carnatic flute on the bamboo flute. He is currently engaged in developing a comprehensive database for Carnatic music students and fans.
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