It is hoped that you will find this podcast interesting and educational. However, if you choose to rely just on audio, you will miss out on the numerous images, graphics, equations, data tables, and reference lists included in the eBook, paperback as well as hardcover versions. ​So, if you have not already done so, please buy the visual version of your choice. You will then be able to benefit fully from the time and effort you are putting into listening.We hope you will find this podcast interesting and educational.

Promoting T, I & E for nation-building, firm-growth and startup success
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The podcast episodes are made up of audio renderings of excerpts from the trilogy titled Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIE), published in 2012 by Patri K. Venuvinod. Each day, you can listen to one chapter from Part I: My World, My Nation, one from Part II: My Firm, and one from Part III: My Startup. The same program will be continued for three consecutive days so as to give you enough time to cover the chapter-set in one go. After the 3-day period, we will move on to the next chapter-set. Changes are effected at midnight (US Central time) on the day in question. Since there are 9 chapters in each part, the cycle is repeated every 27 days. These audio renderings have been prepared using text-to speech technologies. You can listen to the episodes on your PC or smartphone. If you are using a computer, you would need to have Windows Media Player installed. If you are using a smartphone, your phone is likely to suggest the correct player. Whatever be the case, please click on either of the links below to LISTEN to today's podcast or check up (view only) the podcast programs over the next 30 days.