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Mechatronic Engineering Project Exhibition, 2002, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management (MEEM), City University of Hong Kong, 3 videos showing 11 projects. The first video labeled 'BBC Rpt" shows an advanced window/wall-cleaning robot which BBC thought was worth reporting on. The second video presents six further projects: a petrol-filling robot, a floor-cleaning robot, an arm-muscle power amplifier, a baggage-carrying robot, a duct-cleaning robot, and a wandering robot. The third video presents four projects: a chess-playing Robot, a wall/window-cleaning robot, another window/wall-cleaning robot, and an entertainment robot. 
Soccer Playing Robot, Final year student project, Bachelor of Engineering in Mechantronic Engineering (BEMTE),Supervised by Dr. Peter Tse,  Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management (MEEM), City University of Hong Kong, 2000., This group went to the finals in the International Robotic Soccer Championship held in Braziil in 2000.
PKS: Home Programmable Kitchen System, Two sequential final year Higher Diploma projects conducted under the supervision of Patri K. Venuvinod in 1984 and 1985 by W.L. Lau, B.Y. Ho, Y.H. Wong, H.S.Pang, C.Y. Wong, and W.K. Tsui at the Department of Production and Industrial Engineering (PIE), Hong Kong Polytechnic. The following paper was presented  subsequently: K. Venuvinod Patri, 1991, "Towards the Flexible Manufacture of Food," 7th Int Conf. Computer-Aided Production Engineering (ICAPE), Tennessee Technological University, Cookville, March, pp. 391-399.  Click on the links on the right to view videos of six dishes being cooked totally automatically. 
A.G. Kharkhevich, 13 Dancing Chips, 1999, watch the formation of the chips as they are produced while turning steel, Filming of the chips was a part of Kharkevich's work that led to PhD award by City University of Hong Kong in 1999. The thesis title was Real Time Chip Control for Unmanned Machining. The supervisor was Patri K. Venuvinod. This video can also be viewed on Youtube.
MScASM: MSc in Automation Systems and Management, A program launched in 2000 by the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Managment (MEEM), City University of Hong Kong, in collaboration with Tongji University, Shanghai.  
Videos produced by colleagues and their students

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