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Akash, ipad, Steve Jobs

by the author named below on 10/05/11

Patri K.Venuvinod

Today morning, I heard about the launching of the "world's cheapest tablet @ $60". The commercial version of Akash priced under Rs 3,000 is much cheaper than Apple iPad priced around $600. It has also been reported that Akash will be distributed to students at a cost much lower than that. Thus, Akash should therefore be highly affordable to most university students and a fair proportion of high-school students in India. Equally importantly, since it comes with 32 GB expandable memory, Akash can be used as an  eReader . This means that eBooks can be downloaded at any location Wi-Fi s available but can be read anywhere as long as the device can be charged. The basic unit comes with pdf reader. So, anyone who owns Akash can immedietely read my trilogy by purchasing the pdf files at just $8.99 perbook at the Smashwords section on the 'buy' page of this website (tecinnovent.com). 

However, sadly, my mood changed by the evening when I heard about the passing away of  Steve Jobs, the extra-ordinary visionary behind Apple ipad of which Akash is a 'me-too' version. What a loss! Humanity owes Steve so much!

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