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The End of Autocracy in Libya

by the author named below on 10/20/11

Patri K. Venuvinod

Here is a quotation from Part I, Chapter7, of my trilogy:

"This remarkable agreement at the level of individual nations provides us with greater confidence in our assumption that Figure 7.18 represents a genuine representation of Bremmer’s hypothetical J-curve. It is useful to forewarn here that the following countries may also be in potential danger as of 2008 because they are significantly to the left of the dip in our empirical J-curve: [para]~ Eritrea (V&A 2008 = -2.2), ~ Turkmenistan (-2.06), ~ Eq. Guinea (-1.89), ~ Somalia (-1.85), ~Uzbekistan (-1.9), ~ Libya (-1.9), ~ Sudan (-1.77), ~ Syria (-1.75), ~ Laos (-1.71), ~ Vietnam (-1.62), ~ Zimbabwe (-1.52), ~ Congo Dem. Rep. (-1.48).  [para]It is also heartening to note that, as their people are increasingly trusted and empowered, countries forge ahead in terms of technology  readiness and innovation (see Figures 7.18a and b)."

It was in the news today morning that Libya's autocratic leader of 42 years, Muammar Gaddafi, has been killed. I am sad whenever a human being is brutally killed although I know he/she deserves to be killed. At the same time I feel vindicated since Libya is on my list. I now wait for the second part of my prediction (empowerment of peoples through technology readiness and innovation) to come true. 

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